Divi Supreme Pro Changelog

Here is a blog post summarizing the updates for Divi Supreme Pro version 4.9.79, released on March 11, 2023, and the previous versions: ________________________________________ Divi Supreme Pro 4.9.79 – March 11, 2023 Bug Fixes and Enhancements Fixed Issues with Header Tag in Visual Builder: • Resolved an issue where the Header Tag was not rendering […]

Divi Supreme Pro

Divi Supreme Pro

Divi Supreme Pro is a WordPress plugin that expands the capabilities of the Divi theme, which is well-known for its drag-and-drop page builder. Divi Supreme Pro extends the Divi theme with new modules, functionality, and customization possibilities, allowing users to easily construct more dynamic and interactive websites. Some of the primary features of the Divi […]

What is WordPress? Everything You Need to Know

What is WordPress? Everything You Need to Know In the world of website building, few names have as much cachet as WordPress.  This content management system is used by individual users and major companies alike, making it particularly respected among other platforms. But beyond name recognition, how much do you really know about it?  If […]