Divi Supreme Pro

Divi Supreme Pro

Divi Supreme Pro is a WordPress plugin that expands the capabilities of the Divi theme, which is well-known for its drag-and-drop page builder. Divi Supreme Pro extends the Divi theme with new modules, functionality, and customization possibilities, allowing users to easily construct more dynamic and interactive websites. Some of the primary features of the Divi […]

Features offered by Divi Supreme Pro plugin

Some features of the Divi Supreme Pro plugin include: Custom modules: This plugin includes a range of custom modules that can be used to add extra functionality to your Divi theme. For example, there are modules for displaying a Google Maps map, adding a countdown timer, or displaying a video gallery. Custom design options: The […]

WordPress vs. Ghost: Which Platform Should You Choose?

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What is the Ghost Blogging Platform? Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to blogging platforms, Ghost is one of the lesser-known options out there.  While bigger names like WordPress get more attention, that doesn’t mean they’re the best fit for everyone who wants to publish content on the web. In fact, Ghost offers a number of great features that have helped them to start […]

What is WordPress? Everything You Need to Know

What is WordPress? Everything You Need to Know In the world of website building, few names have as much cachet as WordPress.  This content management system is used by individual users and major companies alike, making it particularly respected among other platforms. But beyond name recognition, how much do you really know about it?  If […]