Divi Supreme Pro Changelog

Here is a blog post summarizing the updates for Divi Supreme Pro version 4.9.79, released on March 11, 2023, and the previous versions: ________________________________________ Divi Supreme Pro 4.9.79 – March 11, 2023 Bug Fixes and Enhancements Fixed Issues with Header Tag in Visual Builder: • Resolved an issue where the Header Tag was not rendering correctly in the Visual Builder for the Divi Flipbox Module. • Addressed a similar issue in the Divi Content Timeline, where the Header Tag was not displaying properly in the Visual Builder. • Fixed a problem in the Divi Price List Module, where the background color styling for prices was affecting the description content in the Visual Builder. ________________________________________ Previous Updates Divi Supreme Pro 4.9.78 – October 28, 2023 Fixed Popup Styling and Added Dynamic URL Options: • Resolved an issue where Popup styling was not rendering properly in the Divi Image Carousel Module when using Dynamic Assets (Compatibility) in the Divi Supreme Plugin Settings. • Popup styling was not rendering as expected in Custom Post Types. This update ensures that Popup styling functions correctly across all post types. • Added Dynamic URL and Images options to all Divi Supreme Popup Extensions for improved dynamic content integration. Divi Supreme Pro 4.9.77 – October 18, 2023 Fixed Display Conditions and Added Responsive Options: • Issue where Display Conditions were not functioning in the Divi Advanced Tabs Module, Divi Circle Info Module, and Divi Image Accordion Module was fixed. • Responsive text and content options were added to various modules, enhancing responsiveness in text and content elements across different devices and screen sizes. Divi Supreme Pro 4.9.76 – September 29, 2023 Fixed Title Header Tags and Enhanced Carousel Autoplay: • Resolved issues with Title Header Tags in the Divi Card Carousel and Divi Flipbox Modules. • Fixed a problem with the Divi Image Carousel Module, ensuring the page displays correctly. • Improved the behavior of all Divi Carousel modules, ensuring smoother autoplay functionality. ________________________________________ This blog post provides an overview of the most recent updates in Divi Supreme Pro, as well as important fixes and enhancements from the previous versions. These updates aim to improve the functionality, user experience, and responsiveness of the plugin. Stay tuned for more improvements and new features in future releases.