The Best WordPress Theme for Web Designers — Divi Theme

The Best WordPress Theme for Designers — Divi Theme

When we have successfully set up a WordPress website, the next step is to choose a sutable theme for our website. Choosing a suitable theme can not only make the website more design sense, but also speed up the process of making web pages.
The concept of applying a theme is a bit like using a template. In the technical world of websites, using templates (or templates) is quite common, but compared to templates in other design fields, WordPress’s theme is because it can be disassembled With its uniqueness and high degree of customization, we can use it to change web pages with different appearances.

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As long as you have accumulated enough background theme experience and know which theme is suitable for different industries and customer needs, you will be super fast when working on website projects! Therefore, most of the website clients should have bought a lot of WordPress background themes. The more experienced a designer is, the more proficient they are in making websites.

WordPress officially provides many theme themes
If you are a new student who is just starting to step into WordPress, you can play with the official background themes first, most of which are relatively simple interfaces and functions; if you want to pursue a more design or distinctive web appearance, it is recommended to directly Purchasing paid background themes to use is also the solution adopted by most commercial websites.

So which background theme is the most recommended? I guess most of the readers are from design-related backgrounds, that is, students who have more requirements for the style of the UI interface. There is a theme I like that I recommend to you: Divi

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from Divi
The cost is $89 a year, and there is also a lifetime plan of $249.
You can buy original theme for $5 from 😳

But what is so strong about this Divi ? I think there are a few key points:

Visual Editing on the Web
Component design that can be directly dragged, copied, and edited
There are many preset mods with design texture
Next, let me talk about in detail what I think Divi is easy to use.

1. Nest structure

In the process of website development, programming languages ​​such as HTML 5 or CSS 3 will be used to construct the basic prototype. Among them, “nesting” is a very basic form of web page code. It can be imagined that each web page is composed of Each structure is composed from top to bottom, and each block is wrapped with a layer of blocks, and then there are common elements such as titles and texts. (Corresponding to the blue, green, and black blocks in the image above.)

And Divi visualizes such a nest structure, which I think is awesome! If you are an engineer familiar with web front-end languages, this design is more in line with compilation habits; if you are a novice in website construction, such typesetting logic is quite easy to understand and easier to learn.

2. Visual editing

If you are a designer, or are used to drawing editing software such as Adobe Xd or Illustrator, then Divi is super suitable for you!

Instead of writing webpages in dense code, Divi can directly drag and adjust on the webpage through visual compilation, and has a built-in editor, which can directly edit the settings, and it is “what you see is what you get”, that is, real-time The webpage you see is already a completed website.

3. Design elements

Going back to the main point of the title of the article, “The most suitable theme for designers”, the main reason is: Divi’s built-in editor has many appropriate and just details that can be processed, which can meet the needs of designers for visual priority.

Divi has many parts that are difficult to handle in other background themes, such as gradients, shadows, rounded corners, etc., which can be adjusted through a simple interface. In terms of UI interface design, these are very basic and common in modern web pages design method.

To put it simply, through Divi , we can more easily make the website into a webpage with texture and modern standards. If you have tried other themes but can’t make a good-looking website, it is highly recommended to give it a try! 😀

☑️ Give a little trick

After reading the above introduction, do you really want to try Divi , a super design theme? I think this kind of architectural design can complete more than 90% of WordPress website requirements, so in addition to being used by novices for practice, it is also quite suitable for use as a commercial website design case after you are familiar with it.

Go to Divi Theme 🖥

At the beginning of learning the WordPress website, you will feel more fulfilled through the background theme, and with this joy, you will fall in love with setting up the website.

And sometimes designers will carve out some details, some may not satisfy you with Theme or WordPress itself, such as advanced skills such as Webfont, JavaScript or SVG animation, etc. At this time, when looking for solutions on the Internet, the website The erection strength is also slowly improving!